Kiran wrote... Wide Shining


“Wide-shining is a collection of retellings of classical myths constructed with filigree precision. Like a Dali painting, each poem is a thing of beauty and yet each leaves you with the disconcerting sense that something you can’t quite pinpoint is ever so slightly wrong. What makes these poems so startlingly fresh is the precision of that imbalance that lifts these poems from the classical to the absolutely contemporary.

We believe that money should never be a barrier to culture. So the pdf of this amazing book is available to download for free. On the other hand, we believe that those who create culture should be paid (to which end we paid everyone an advance), and we also love books – so we humbly beseech you to buy the paperback!” – Dan Holloway, Editor

Available to order or download for free here.
Published by 79 Rat Press, June 2013.
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Most mornings I can barely stand to look at this
something-like-happiness misting our periphery,
an epiphany spat out like pips from our tongues,
all our half-sung songs stringing along behind us,
and you, dark god, perfect weight above me, telling
me you love me and me drop dropping droplets through
your hand, my stolid body turning liquid as sand and running
our fierce current fast as silver-quick fish, my flick-flecking lips
biting like teeth as I shoal beneath you, held so tight I can barely breathe.
The shift of the seasons sinks us,
and at my brink I tip through
summer autumn winter spring
– all the fast-spin of cold and heat –
fells me as I fall back replete,
my heart beating pomegranate red,
jawing my mouthful of seeds.