Some changes…

One thing I’ve loved most about my writing journey so far is the support you get, not just from your publisher and agent, but from fellow authors, reviewers, and bloggers. I just joined the Sweet Sixteens – a community of authors with debut novels coming out in 2016 – and have been overwhelmed by the kindness and friendship already shown to me.
I am especially amazed by the hard work and generosity of bloggers and reviewers such as YAYeahYeah, Mr Ripley, and Fiona Noble. And I also realised I’m a little jealous of them.
Since finishing my degree a year ago, I’ve all-but-stopped writing critically, and I miss it like hell. I’ve continued to read voraciously, but have gotten so caught up in self promotion I do little other than rate the titles I read on Goodreads. As a debut author, I know how important it is to have people reading, reviewing, rating and talking about your book. I want to support that.
So, from now on I’m going to be reviewing some of the titles I read on this blog as well as continuing to talk about life as a person-who-writes. These reviews will have particular emphasis on middle grade and YA (though of course if a new Jeanette Winterson/ Margaret Atwood/Helen Oyeyemi comes out I will be straight on that). I am also hoping to set up a mini-interview series with a focus on 2016 debut authors (middle grade, YA and beyond). If it picks up speed, I may move onto a dedicated site but for now I’m testing it out!
Will keep you posted, but today I will be uploading my first review (or two!) Please do get in touch on twitter or via my Facebook page if you would be interested in having your book reviewed/have your debut coming out in 2016.